All youth ages 14 and up are invited to attend this year's Boston Stake youth conference, a pioneer trek. The youth will pull handcarts and enjoy food, music, square dancing, and learn about the heritage of faithful pioneers. The trek will provide powerful opportunities for youth to strengthen testimonies, build unity, and learn core gospel principles. 

Trek Info

Thursday, July 13th

8 am: Trek begins at Belmont Chapel

(15 Ledgewood Pl, Belmont, MA) 


*Please eat breakfast before you arrive


Saturday, July 15th

4pm: Parents pick up youth at Camp Zion parking lot. (30 Onway Road, Raymond, NH)


*If you are unable to arrive on time please contact a member of the stake ym or yw presidency and we can arrange for you to meet us on the trail 



Registration is now open!


Online registration MUST be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Registration will close on June 11th. 


All adults attending trek must also register online.


Everyone attending trek will be wearing pioneer style clothing.


Please work with your ward leaders to make and find clothing that will be appropriate for Trek. 

physical preparation 

Everyone attending trek will need to prepare themselves physically to avoid injury and so they can gain the most spiritually from our trek experience.



While the pioneers are admired for all of the possessions they left behind, there are a few things we want to make sure come with you on Trek! Everyone needs to arrive the first morning wearing their pioneer clothing. All other items, except the sleeping bag, should fit in a 5 gallon bucket. This bucket will be supplied by the stake at the start of Trek in Belmont. Please label all items. They will receive considerable wear, and should not be valuable or expensive. Everyone should carry their own full set of required equipment, and should not plan on sharing with siblings or other ward members. Many of the items on the list can be purchased inexpensively at thrift stores or collected through donations from ward and community members. Please contact a member of the stake ym or yw presidencies for any questions. We look forward to seeing you (and your gear) on Trek!


Young Women Clothing
  • 1 long sleeved solid color blouse

  • 1 ankle length calico (lightweight cotton) skirt

  • 1 pair bloomers (lightweight capris, long shorts, or hospital pants) under the skirt

  • 1 apron

  • 1 bonnet

General Clothing
  • 1 pair of good walking shoes or hiking boots, well broken in, for walking up to 6 miles per day (no cowboy boots or climbing shoes with rigid soles)

  • 1 extra pair of reasonably sturdy, comfortable shoes in case the primary pair gets wet

  • 2 pair wool socks

  • 2 pair thin nylon, rayon, or polypropylene socks/sock liners to prevent blisters

  • 2 extra long sleeved shirt (no t-shirts)

  • 1 rain poncho (pack on top for easy access)

  • 1 lightweight jacket or sweatshirt

  • 1 pair sweats or modest pajamas to sleep in

  • 2 sets of underwear

  • 1 bandana

  • 1 pair work gloves (leather or canvas)

Young Men Clothing
  • 1 long sleeved cotton button down shirt, any color (not flannel)

  • 1 pair cotton pants, dockers style, beige, brown, navy or black (lighter colors may make it easier to spot ticks)

  • 1 straw brim hat (no baseball or cowboy hats)

  • 1 vest (optional)

  • 1 pair suspenders (optional)

  • No military clothing or denim

 General Items
  • 1 sleeping bag or warm sleeping blanket

  • 1 canteen/small water container

  • 1 hand towel

  • 1 pocketknife (optional, no switchblades/butterfly knives)

Do not bring
  • Electronic devices of any kind (cell phones, games players, music players)

  • Games or playing cards

  • Makeup

  • Books

  • Food, candy, or drinks

Personal Items
  • Lip balm (keep in your pocket)

  • Deodorant

  • Comb or brush

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

  • Necessary personal prescription medications

  • Smallest amount of contact lens supplies (glasses should be brought for emergencies and may be more practical for trek than contacts)

  • Feminine hygiene supplies (women)

  • Hair elastics (women)

Items provided
  • Cameras are allowed, but may get damaged or lost, and therefore are discouraged. The historical committee will photograph the entire event and make all pictures available. 

  • Personal journals and scriptures are also discouraged due to the risk of being damaged or lost. Condensed versions of both will be provided for each youth. Ma's & Pa's will have a set of scriptures for each family. 

  • First aid kits, sunscreen, bug repellent and soap will be readily available throughout the Trek. 

  • Meals, snacks, and water will be provided. 

Trail use permitted by New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, Division of Parks and Recreation